8 ball pool game review…not cool update; called as new!!

An awesome game by miniclip.com which kept you glued to your seat for long…an addiction…till the last update..

The new update is quiet annoying…at times because:

1. It has a cue recharge bar which needs to recharged after certain shots or usage..that too with own coin balance!! It does not get recharged by itself ( like with time or winnings in the game)…!!

2. The connectivity is low or keep on reconnecting itself which leads to loss of coins or points…

3. It’s quiet disturbing you can’t play classic mode or original game as it is necessary to update to keep on playing otherwise your progress in game is lost or you can’t play the game.

4. A soft music behind can do wonders; which can be optional (To play as it is or add music or mute it completely)!!

All these reasons can or might lead to lost of interest by players or users of this application.

They have to rectify it quick so that they don’t lose their players as….it would be simply deleted from their gadgets.

It should be more user friendly and miniclip.com should act to improve it fast…till time last!!

To retain its old and new users; with improvements it would be best game to play on internet.

Stay tuned for more updates…please share your review or comments


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