Winter time !!

I went out for walk today,
Thinking it would be a sunny day..

Soon the rain shower poured..and stopped,
I said,”ohh! my dear lord!!”

Chilled breeze cross my face,
Trying to keep my walking pace..

I murmured, shivered and sneezed,
But I managed to cross the cold breeze.

I sat in a road side cafe’
Was able to order only a frappe’..

I sipped and felt the nip in the air,
Soon I will be playing with snowflakes in my hair..

The Halloween and Christmas is approaching..
Many presents and pumpkins poking..

I soon forgot complains and pause,
Just felt how beautiful it was.

Everything happens for a reason,
I should enjoy every season.

The winter is here,
It’s time to cheer!! 🙂



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