Hi! I’am a Book !!

Hi!! I’am a book..

20141016-190344.jpgTake a look,
I’am a book

A book full of knowledge and insights,
Making you intelligent and bright.

I’am your friend for life,
Always there by your side.

Before buying; flip me over,
Don’t judge me by my cover.

If you like me take me with you,
Let me add-on to what you already knew.

I have no complains, But only suggestions,
And some are modest confessions.

I have many forms and genures,
I can be real or unreal drama, fictions or adventures.

Someone who can keep all your secrets,
Can be continuous and Discrete.

Read me, cherish me or pass me on,
Friend of everyone; from elders to newly born.

But please do Handle me with care,
And don’t forget to exchange or share!!

As, I’am a book!!
Take a look !!

P.s. Image from google images just edited them


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