Autumn is here!!

Autumn is here,
Third season of the year!

Shredding of leaves, deciduous trees,
Under the trees; u see carpet of leaves.

Leaves changing colours and falling down,
From green, red, yellow to brown.

Trees gets blown down and those stood look veiny,
As weather gets cooler, windy and rainy.

Now, Mornings will be misty,
Wear warm clothes as weather is going to be frosty.

Birds start to fly south for winters
chilled air blows; it touch your skin like glass splinters.

Squirrels gather acorns and nuts,
Stocking up with all their guts.

Farmer plough their fields,
Preparing for next season better yields.

Hedgehogs go sleeping in pits, for hibernation,
Tell grow ups to lit your bonfire with caution!!

Your Grandma buckets filled with apples and pears for you to eat,
And lots of blackberries for pick treat.

Listening to scary story’s and pranks in full actions,
visiting many haunted house attractions.

Now, Halloween is around,
Let’s all of us now jump up and down!!

As autumn is here
Time to cheer!

Image courtesy; google


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