What I saw that night!!

I sat next to the window,
Resting on my pillow.

Sky seems to be clear tonight,
As I see the stars shining bright.

Looking towards the deep and dark night,
Nearby river covered with moon light.

As swiftly it moves,
hushes down with its natural groves.

A big old boat standing by the side,
Telling stories it has taken so many for rides.

Still standing firm and afloat,
With its onboard old sailor wearing a hat and checked coat.

As It’s a night of seagulls again,
their plaintive cry; in vein.

The chilled breeze touch my face,
As it passed with its own pace.

I realised the sky became so rozy,
grabbed my quilt to feel cosy.

Soon I slept before I realised
With beautiful dreams in my eyes..

It was a night I reminiscent,
What I saw was not consistent !!

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