Chapter 1 # Serene Rose

A cloudy, dark and foggy night..

A women appears out of nowhere…stunningly beautiful, long black hair, black eyes, red glossed luscious lips, diamonds earrings kissing her cheeks as she walks. A perfect figure to die for…in smoking hot black dress and ah yes!! Black High heels.

As obvious favourite among men or whosoever sets eyes on her. She enters in a beautiful five star hotel dazzled in christmas fever..

she enters..

All men stare at her with amaze.. Whispering among themselves.. “Who is she?”, “She is hot!!”

All reservation already done for her…she is welcomed by hotel manager, Mr Steve, “Welcome, Miss Rose” and gave her an hotel envelope..

Not a word she said… She gazed through his eyes like a lioness on a prowl. That made him nervous and he could not utter a word.

She goes to her room…all men watching her cat walk…

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