Part 1# Arlene and her special gift

Arlene was watching her favourite cartoon on television “Shinny and her teddy bear”.
She came to me and asked,”mom can I have a teddy bear too?”.

I smiled and replied,”yes! Of course!”

The next day she went to school. It was her last day to school before christmas holidays.

She came home and got excited to know her Grandma has visited her the weekend.
She knew where to find her.
Grandma was always found sitting in her favourite rocking armchair.

She was knitting a bright jumper.
Arlene hugged her tight and said hello to her grandma.

Her grandma said to her,”I’am knitting this jumper for you and bought you a special gift, too ! Arlene”.

Her eyes gleamed in excitement, she loved her jumper.
She couldn’t wait any further to see her gift.

Her grandma gave her a gift box and said, “Arlene!! come on, I know you want to open it!!”.

She opened the gift box and found,”a pink teddy bear.” She screamed in amazement.

She kissed her and thanked her for the gifts.
Her grandma asked her,”what will you call your new friend?” .

Arlene said,”Candy, my new best friend. I loved my gift grandma. The best gift ever in christmas holidays .”

P.s. Photo from google images courtesy

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