Part 2# Arlene and her special gift – got lost

Arlene loved her new teddy bear she name him “Candy”.

She would go with teddy everywhere; inside or outside the house.
When going out even in her car with parents.

At home he was always there with Arlene;
When having food.
When studying.
When colouring.
Candy bear was partner in every crime she did too…!! :).
Even when sleeping.. She hugged Candy tight.

She loved Candy so much; he was always around.

One day Candy just disappeared!!

She ran to her mom and dad who we’re sitting outside in the garden having their tea. “Mom!! Dad!! Did you saw my Candy bear?”

Mom said,” ohh! no dear. Never mind.” She smiled “Let’s find him. Candy would be around.”

They went upstairs towards Arlene room. Mom opened the room door and said with a smile,”let’s check your room thoroughly, detectives are on roll now”.

They searched everywhere,

Under the bed,
On the study table,
In the toy basket,
In the drawers and the cupboard

Even in the bathroom!! They couldn’t find him anywhere.

Arlene became very sad and started to cry.

Her dad came to the room and said,”don’t worry he would be downstairs, we will find him.”

She didn’t ate or talked much that day.

In the evening her dad came to her room and said,
“I have a surprise for you! Arlene”.

Arlene smiled and said,”what is it? Daddy!!”

Dad said let’s go downstairs then.

He said to mom,” just switch on the bright lights, honey !”.

Mom pressed the switch. Volla!!

It was Christmas tree decorated with multi coloured lights, ginger bread, decoration and candies. It was standing tall and looking stunningly beautiful in the dark room. Arlene was filled with joy and christmas spirit.

Her dad picked her up in her lap and her mom gave her a diamond studded big star. Her daddy lifted her high to fix the star on top of the Xmas tree.

She was very happy. She kissed her father and mother. Thanked them for everything. She loved her new Xmas tree. She hugged her daddy tight.

Suddenly she saw Candy teddy bear from top of her father shoulder.
He was right under the christmas tree!!

She shouted,” Candy teddy bear, daddy!”

She got down and grabbed him from under the tree.
And said,”you cheeky little teddy bear”.

All of them had great fun together and they laughed!

P.s. Image courtesy google images


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