Merry christmas to all

No white christmas 😦 but never mind it’s christmas !! I love the lights, christmas tree decoration, no office!!

Everyone is happy, joyful, the best part is family is together.

I think that’s the main reason for this festival. The spirit. To keep everyone together, to keep the feeling of togetherness alive. To show we still care for each other even though we are miles apart or busy in our life.

Kids tend to understand this. They have a sense of responsibility and appreciate when awarded or gifted.

Being kid is tough to wait for Santa Claus.. I know! Your gift and sweets!! They are best gift to us after all. They deserve this!!

When they smile everything is payed off!! Your effort, money, emotions; in return you get all the happiness.

Yes!! That’s what We ever expected for the hard work you did all year through.

So let’s pledge to make a special days, a merry days!! ever week or special moments together count too!!

We human need to appreciate more and complain less as they say!!

What a thought and what better day to celebrate it!!


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