Amy#deep# Brown spiral pasta and noodles (wholewheat)

Normally on a weekend I look for options which are easy to make. Enjoyed by everyone at home by all age groups. My girl loves to eat her veggies in the brown wholewheat noodles and wholewheat pasta version without any hassles. So it’s work for us just fine. Everyone is happy.


A beautiful lunch hot and steamy. Served with love and care. Easy to make and very quick.

Used Brown noodles and Brown spiral pasta ( wholewheat one cooked as per packet Instructions and u can cook them together),
(Tip# added a dash of salt and olive oil in boiling water before adding noodles and pasta. You can also use wholewheat spaghetti if u want).

Tossed along sautè vegetables with garlic in Olive oil.
Veggies I used: white onion, carrots, capsicum trio, celery, broccoli, you can add whatever you want too!!

Seasoned with black pepper and salt.
Added 2 tbsp ketchup.( A quick tomato flavour.)

Added half cup pasta water too!!(so don’t drain it). Mix well.

Switch off gas.

Added 50g of light mild British cheddar cheese with 30% less fat.

Covered it so that it melts.

Served with basil leaves or oregano.

Grab a fork and dig in!!



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