Chapter 2# Serene Rose

London Heathrow Airport

Mike waiting for a friend, a charming one.

Leo Oscar;

The first thing you notice about him (from behind) is his brown hair; goldusted few streaks here and there. All neatly jelled on his head and behind his ears. Strong build body.

“Here comes my friend!” Mike shouted.

He waved his hand to say hi to his friend waiting for him.

He turned to Mike,

A stunning Gentleman, wearing a navy blue suit with striped shirt, neatly tugged in his trousers. Ocean deep blue eyes, sharp nose and pleasant smile on his charming square shape face.

He took out his aviators and wore them. Walking towards Mike – revealing a shiny sunlight falling on his gold buckle of his brown belt. Complementing his brown shinny shoes.

A man of few words. Focused. Thinker.

They boarded in the red Ferrari and went off to their hotel. On there way Mike announced,” we have organised a party tonight, to welcome you.” “You have to come; we will not take NO as an answer tonight” Mike said.

Mr. Leo Oscar.. Stared hard at Mike…

He stopped talking….and said,”What?”

After a moment of silence ..

Mr. Leo Oscar, sighed. “What time is it?… Your party!!”

And they laughed…

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