Ravana – the devil or the saint???

Dussehra is celebrated by all religions in India to mark the victory of good over evil. It’s Dussehra time in india. the end of Navratri is celebrated by burning huge effigies of Ravana. Till date in India.. We’re people of different communities gather and have a feast..Since my childhood I have shared, listened, and enjoyed different stories related to this day.

The most cherished one is related to Lord Rama, who fought the 10-headed demon Ravana. The demon (a follower of lord Shiva, great scholar, a capable ruler and a maestro of the veena, but someone who wished to overpower the devas. His ten heads represent his knowledge of the six shastras and the four Vedas; highly versed in education) who had kidnapped Rama’s wife Sita. Had held her captive in his kingdom of Lanka due to vengeance on Rama and his brother Lakshmana for having cut off the nose of his sister Surpanakha.

He liked Sita but didn’t overpowered himself on her even after an year.. As per the story. He waited for her to accept him. But, she refused as was devoted to Rama (her husband) with true and pure heart.

The fact stated in other story was he was an evil with all the wrong intentions in other stories about him! (So, we never know which one is true to believe as they say it is not mentioned on scriptures that he was cursed!)

While abducting Sita from her cottage by disguised as a saint or Rishi that to in the absence of Rama and Lakshmana, he carried her away to Lanka.

Ravana couldn’t attempt to rape her because he had got a curse from the other celestial damsel “Rambha” who he had raped previously even though she was married and declined to do so!!

He was cursed his head will burst (he will die) the moment he touched anyone with lustful intentions again without the lady permission!

As Rama won the battle by killing Ravana and rescuing his wife, but when he returned with his wife the society questioned and doubted her for her purity and .

The question which still stands is…aren’t those are worse demons than Ravana.. In today’s world in different countries who rape a toddler, a child, a girl or a women…or domestic violence sufferers…by leaving their dignity and sanity hurt forever apart from physical and emotional torture…

And questions imposed on them? Aren’t women or a victim of circumstances like Sita in Ramayan still questioned to give a proof of purity or is answerable.. With an option to die.. Men is not even questioned…why???

Think about it…

Was Ravana a real demon….or there a demon in all of us ! Is up to you if you want to unleash it or not!

The day when mind sets of men or women change AND start respecting, trusting all genders in equal manner where women or men can travel safely anywhere, anytime… where kids are taught at a tender age to respect all, Live freely and independently…that is actually the day for us to mark the victory of good over evil!!

A true Dussehra..I believe..

# information and pic from internet

7 thoughts on “Ravana – the devil or the saint???

  1. Hey
    For the ravana post..I completely agree with ur idea that we donot deserve to burn him…but the reason he didn’t touch sita is because he was cursed by nalakubera for forcing his wife(rambha ) (daughter in law of kubera and ravana)….

    I think a person who can attempt rape on his own daughter-in-law can also do the same for other women(sita) if he is not bounded by curse……..

    (Just a friendly info…)
    All the best

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    1. I agree but still there are scriptures which don’t mention curse so in the end the become stories which are here for us to learn and take a lesson from. Thanks Vineela Veeramachaneni for taking time to read my blog and understanding my view point towards the subject! Though I have added this view in the blog due to my fellow readers we’re asking me the same. Do continue to read my blogs! Thanks

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  2. Hi Amydeep, I believe you might enjoy reading a book called asura by Anand neelkanthan.. it’s an antithesis to Ramayana and shows up the ravana’s side of views, unlike the original Ramayana which is all about lord Rama and his people’s perspectives of him. It’s a must read..

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