It snowed…last night..

Last night dew was on my window glass,
Pearl drops on my garden grass.

Yes, it snowed I saw it,
I couldn’t believe It, I must admit.

I jumped up from my bed,
Rushed to the window straight ahead.

I saw the sky raining snow!!
I wanted everyone to know.

I wanted to wake up my hubby,
But he was fast asleep like a cuddled baby.

I reached; to wake him up,
But soon I realised I was all roundup.

Before I could even utter a word,
“I love you”, a soft whisper I heard.

Before I could say anything,
I felt so lovin’

Soon I turned around and giggled,
We slept tight and snuggled.

With the snow dropping outside,
It was my safest place to hide..

Image courtesy # google


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