Here I’m sitting in my couch trying to listen to the sounds around me in the middle of the night. All are fast asleep and tucked in bed. Now, looking forward to peace and silence for a little bit before retiring to my room.

The tik-tik sound of my wall clock, the humming sound of my refrigerator, the passing by buses, cars (occasionally sounds from my living room balcony). All in perfect harmony with each other to put me in a relaxing mode.

It’s night time, just a dim bulb putting light on my stuff laying around me and casting there shadows. As, I get up to go to my room I realised that I forgot to take water jug for the night. I might need it in middle of the night just to have a gulp or if my husband needs it.

I switch off the light in my living room and start walking towards my room it is just two rooms away from living room as my house is all on the same level. I have to cross my son room and a common bathroom before entering my room. Before I even crossed my room I realised it started raining heavily outside, ( I don’t like thunderstorms noise and bit scared of them) so wanted to get to my room as soon as possible to get snuggled in bed next to him.

I crept inside my room in darkness making sure I don’t make any sudden sounds or noises to wake anyone. I can hear my husband snoring and making a whistling sounds. I knew now that he is fast asleep.

I entered my bed and lie down without making much sounds and movements but the moment I entered my bed quilt something heavy came upon me, I got scared as it was sudden…


then I realise it’s my husband hand to make me sleep tight in this thunderstorm and I slept like a baby. He is Yum Yum!!

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