Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

This year brings a deadly virus along! Which needs to be watched out for and take care of everyone’s health at home and around us!

It may have started in bats but manage to enter the human immune system!

With so much of information around us it is getting tough to understand what to take guard of and what to ignore!

So I tried to contemplate a small article to understand the same and take a note of! As it is not only a virus worse than SARS and MARS in 2019! It is also a deadly virus claiming life all around the world! It has a outbreak in news now named as or called 2019-nCov.

What is it? :

A (multiple levels) virus with different types of illness related to it.

It has flue-like symptoms like fever, a cough which may transform to breathing difficulties in many cases!

Where it started?

As the web states it started somewhere in Wuhan City, China in Dec 2019 onwards.

What the government doing?

They are screening everyone who has been travelling in and out of China in the past recent times and sending there if anyone has emergency reasons only!

With a dedicated team on airport for screenings and precautions.

What we can Do/Don’t do to protect ourself and others?

(Note: It is more harmful to all people but with weaker immune systems likely with all who has a pre-existing medical conditions, kids and elders! So, takecare of them specially!)


    Wash your hands frequently,
    Please drink fluids
    Also, cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing,
    Sanitizers to be used as and when required,
    Do take hot showers during cough or sore throats,
    Please see a doctor immediately if any symptoms appears!


  • Eat partially cooked meat or eggs !
  • Or avoid Contact with animals in public areas!
  • Believe on every information you hear.
  • Believe that a vaccinations is there (as it is still under process of being made or needs to be found!)
  • Miss to See a doctor immediately if needed.

Please everyone don’t panic and be calm let’s all work together to keep everyone protected and eliminate this as soon as possible!

Stay healthy! Stay calm! Stay fit!

Please share with everyone #JHTH #join hands to heal #together

(please do share your comments in case I missed something I will add on !)

(Image courtesy ET news)

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