I’m a women.. I speak for myself! Hi

I’m a women standing tall for myself..

Women who cannot be disowned or disrespected as I stand for my own…

I been kicked, bruised and trampled upon,

Been shouted, misjudged and ill treated till I was gone!

But time is turning and I’m turning tables too!

It’s not a challenge it’s change of our views!

I don’t wish to find a charming prince ..

Only! Not someone who looked down upon us in wince..

We want to be someone to be looked up too!

So many things we wish mankind we could undo!

We don’t want glory, we don’t want respect more than you,

As the world comes into existence only when we say to each other “I love you”

I wish, I hope if I make it through..

You can also make it too!

P.s. faith exists – photography by me

So comment and share your views!

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