To my Mum…

My heart..

It beats for you!
To tell you how much I love you..

You are our title.. the supermom!

So gentle yet so strong..
God forbid if we did something wrong! 🙂

You are patient when I’m down,

You are gentle to me when I’m around,
You are caring whenever I need you by my side..
Though I maybe a stinging bee hive,

I try to learn, grow and be profound,
But I’m still a kid inside who love to bound..

We are each other cushions we can bounce upon,
As We are the jewels studded in the glamours crown,

We share, we bound as we grow together,
May this love and togetherness is here forever,

Your unconditional love and support, It means the world to me !
I thank you for all you have done for me!

As you may see that Nothing Has been forgotten by me,
Day by day you mean more and more to me!

I like to wish you my life on your special day,
A very very happy birthday !

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