Lockdown 2020?

What is a lockdown?

It might have made our world upside down!

But is it that bad?

Is it making you happy or sad?

Surrounded by the people you love!

Isn’t it acting as a peace dove?

Nobody to create a scream or riot!

Though it is not helping us being on a diet!!

You eat, rejoice and relax at home.

You laugh, you chill and work from home!

No more rushing hour.. a chase to come first?

Everything is getting layered with dust!

You thank the almighty as you missed a lot!

Is it really a pandemic..? Let’s give a benefit or doubt!

The world is surrounded in uncertainty and pain!

But we are still staying united as one!

Fighting for Rights? Fighting for power?

But now we know there is someone beyond … watching over us from top of HIS tower!

The things that really matter you the most!

Who love you! Who pray with you, who guard your coast!

You should really cherish what you have!

Learn to mend, grow and move on..

As we need to learn to forgive and forget..

It will fall back in place as you reset!

Do the karam..what you are here for,

Share what you have with others who you think might need it…or not!

And never forget to pray the almighty as he is the one with supreme power!

Just not for need of the hour!

Help and care for everything! Your relationship, your friends and family, nature to spread the love within you and beyond!!

As life must go on!

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