Learn to unlearn

Alvin Toffler said,”The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

So, the question is how you do it?

The answer is simple you need to evolve everyday… it requires you to change your beliefs, thoughts/knowledge which became obsolete or maybe your assumptions which are no longer required.

According to science..it takes almost 2 months to undo something (or maybe edit yourself I would like to say), And a new habit is formed! Amazing huh?

I read somewhere it is very easy to allow a bad behaviour to enter your system rather than good behaviour! It all go hand in hand I guess!

Definitely it may vary from person to person or a circumstance he/she which in turn influence his/her learning pattern.

In master’s degree they taught,”Professional development is a continuous process and lifelong journey”.

Let’s see how??

Per se, It is a requirement for English language teachers (ELTrs) who aspire to climb the ladder of success in their career. They are required to do the same, in order to make their teaching more meaningful and relevant.

Achieving it becomes easier if they are part of a wider network of teachers, as it can provide them with opportunities to learn from one another and share their knowledge.

Isn’t it necessary in every field?? Think!

You will be amazed to know that a successful person or someone who inspire to achieve something in life, keep on adapting oneself sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously! Mind games!

If u see the words carefully you will see one thing common among them (UN-LEARN and RE-LEARN. They have only one motive that is to make us learn!

Keep on enhancing and try not to be rigid.

Let us see to it how can we do it or try to do it??

1. Need to accept what you have rather than looking at others as we all know the basics to this world.

2. Enhance the skills you have or can improve towards your own upliftment rather than what others are doing as it’s your own fight.

3. Having believe in yourself with discipline can lead to dynamic + robust positive changes.

4. Let your dreams, thoughts and achievements linger you on in your life as they act as a fuel to your imagination leading to the next new.

5. Mistakes and it’s ownership leads to promising future, as you grow when you start experimenting hands on in your life. Own it.

6. Networking can be a break through in your career leading to like minded people, connections along with fuelling your ideas or new innovations which in all makes or enhances your personnel development and help with overall image building too! Both hand in hand!

7. Last but not the least keep your mind open and empty to everything new, keep on trying and never pushing yourself to hard or take it personally! Reason being as soon you gave up anything or got stuck old habits cave in, which is not our Moto and we fall back to the same vicious cycle of life where we started from!

My idea here is to think like a toddler, always ready to learn, always evolving and living a full life with no stress and keep on smiling and spreading it!

Happy relearning and growing into a better version of yourself!

Do leave your comments and suggestions here I’m Amy signing off!

Keep rocking! Keep chilling!

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