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Corona corona

हय यह करोना, हय यह करोना ! सब कहतें हैं आब कया है होना ? मम्मी के तो रूल्ज़ अलग हैं.. कहतीं हैं की सब ग़लत है ! घर में छुप के नहीं भटना अब और नहीं हैं सहना !! पड़ोसी के कुत्ते का पूरा दिन भोंकना दस दस बार हाथ मुँह है धोना इससे … Continue reading Corona corona

What are you?

You tend to churn and change You like to be in your range But expected from you is more and more Even though YOU are lost in your chores Nothing has been done by you or defind Though you spend the life searching for divine.. You search your soul for answers you hate to know … Continue reading What are you?

Learn to unlearn

Alvin Toffler said,”The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” So, the question is how you do it?An intriguing question! The answer is simple you need to evolve everyday… it requires you to change your beliefs, thoughts/knowledge which became obsolete … Continue reading Learn to unlearn


When life gives you a low blow You tend to feel low When no one seems to stand by You look around the crowd pass by Easy to comment and thrown upon These things happen when you feel down But remember this is not here to atay Not what you need to or let them … Continue reading Time..


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