My take on snow in London

A lonely walk you have to carry out alone to reach to your destination Like it share it tag it my photography Advertisements

Lost in the jungle….what did I see?

Lost in the jungle, What did I see? I saw animals and lots of trees. I saw a snake, near the lake. Hide, hide, hide…its gonna bite. I saw a leopard sleeping on the log, In the pond, a jumping frog. Let’s run; one, two, three… What did I see? I saw a monkey, with…

London on the move.. still exploring

London famous tube “Mind the gap” tag line to be reassuring always. London bridge name is enough London bridge in different perspective London parliament, Ben and the busy Westminster The famous shard of London London eye as seen by me Please like or share your comments if you want to

Beautiful pictures

Saw this on net so thought of sharing with friends.. Item used Thinks required – A blank canvas (I bought it from 99p store) Colour papers Glue for sticking Scissors for cutting shapes How to do it- 1. Choose a picture of your choice 2. Choose colours of papers or choose your paint cards 3….

Magic board fun time

This past weekend we had a nice experience. With the help of water dipped brush; it created magic. When written on this board it shines like moonlight. Beautiful effort and everyone enjoyed it!! Thanks.

Idea with a difference

Replaced eggs carton into socks carton or box for easy storage of children socks. I did for my 3 yrs old girl. She loves to store in it and can find easily her socks. Since her socks are small so they easily fit in!! You can redecorate it or paint it or ask your child…