Ravana – the devil or the saint???

Dussehra is celebrated by all religions in India to mark the victory of good over evil. It’s Dussehra time in india. the end of Navratri is celebrated by burning huge effigies of Ravana. Till date in India.. We’re people of different communities gather and have a feast..Since my childhood I have shared, listened, and enjoyed…


Sale sale sale, That’s what is written all over my mail. Going shopping from summer to winter, I feel like a sprinter. Clothes, shoes, bags and all the stuff, Still I don’t get it enough. I spend till I drop, From one shop to another shop. Sometimes for me or for my family, It’s a…

A trip – Eiffel Tower Paris

We went out on a holiday to France, I feel in love with Eiffel Tower in first glance. It seems like a romantic affair, As love is in the air. It is not just a metallic tower, We do fall in love; it has that power!! It’s like a crown on a king’s head, A…

Ramu the farmer chapter 1

In a village named Villaspur, a farmer named Ramu lived. He lived in a small hut with his wife, Anita, and two kids Suraj aged 20 yrs (his elder son) and Radha 16 yrs (his lovely daughter). They didn’t had much facilities or amenities like children’s in town. But we’re still content with the life…

Okra vegetable recipe

Many friends, family have asked me to post my okra/ladyfingers/ bhindi vegetable recipes…so here it is.. Step 1: Steps: 1. Wash and dry okra on kitchen towel. 2. Cut the okra in diced or sliced style; removing the head and tail. ( I used almost two packet) 3. Cut a large onion in big chunks….

Loch Ness a story untold

A beautiful location to be seen not told.. Pls see pics taken by me share your views and comments

Today is the day

Today is the day I thought every day, I woke up with great enthusiasm to find my way. I tussled and hustled throughout my daily routine, Wanting to achieve the unseen. But then I thought I’am being too selfish, Who will take care of family, home and dishes. They say world is yours if you…

Homemade Waffle with Nutella

Made this waffle in grill pan on hob turned out too good today. No need for waffle press or toaster. My family loved it. Toppings used: Strawberry Nutella Milk chocolate chips

Beautiful pictures

Saw this on net so thought of sharing with friends.. Item used Thinks required – A blank canvas (I bought it from 99p store) Colour papers Glue for sticking Scissors for cutting shapes How to do it- 1. Choose a picture of your choice 2. Choose colours of papers or choose your paint cards 3….