Mary kom movie review

Story inspired by Mary Kom the Indian boxer.. Played by Priyanka Chopra .. An inspiration for all..we are truely proud of her..

Priyanka as usual have done enough justice to the role as far as possible.. But not a splendid one though! As she has done in her other films..

A mix of Karate Kid movie and Tomb Raider movie looks inspired of Angelina Jolie… 🙂

Story revolves around a girl who strives her way from ordinary to extraordinary with her sheer efforts, dedication and hardwork…then at peek of her career decides to get married…have kids…and sacrificed it for her family (as her coach warned her before)…

but her husband stand by her after he realised she misses it..

With his support she makes a come back…

The story is great, give u great patriotic feeling while watching it as it is based on Mary Kom life… If you follow her or boxing closely you will definitely enjoy it!!

A one time watch … For sure!

See the link on YouTube for more info or preview!!


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