My take on snow in London

A lonely walk you have to carry out alone to reach to your destination Like it share it tag it my photography

Apple pastry roses

Made apple pastry roses for my little ones..What say?? Wanna join for tea….?

Chapter # 3

A room with landscapes view; Room No. 101 . The enterance was narrow. But it broadens after few steps into a wide and big room. First on your right you can see a big fish aquarium next to a long dining table with polished teakwood with silverware on it. On your left is a changing…

London on the move.. still exploring

London famous tube “Mind the gap” tag line to be reassuring always. London bridge name is enough London bridge in different perspective London parliament, Ben and the busy Westminster The famous shard of London London eye as seen by me Please like or share your comments if you want to

Loch Ness a story untold

A beautiful location to be seen not told.. Pls see pics taken by me share your views and comments

100 foot journey

Another great movie to watch…based on a novel… Superb acting by all the actors specially Om Puri… Story revolves around Om Puri son who is a superb chef naturally…with no formal education as such but taught by his mother..juhi chawla( guest appearance).. They hail from India, where they own a family business ( dhaba); but…

Mary kom movie review

Story inspired by Mary Kom the Indian boxer.. Played by Priyanka Chopra .. An inspiration for all..we are truely proud of her.. Priyanka as usual have done enough justice to the role as far as possible.. But not a splendid one though! As she has done in her other films.. A mix of Karate Kid…