My take on snow in London

A lonely walk you have to carry out alone to reach to your destination Like it share it tag it my photography

Lost in the jungle….what did I see?

Lost in the jungle, What did I see? I saw animals and lots of trees. I saw a snake, near the lake. Hide, hide, hide…its gonna bite. I saw a leopard sleeping on the log, In the pond, a jumping frog. Let’s run; one, two, three… What did I see? I saw a monkey, with…

Apple pastry roses

Made apple pastry roses for my little ones..What say?? Wanna join for tea….?

P.s. I’m lonely….

Google image Time heals your wounds, Wounds heal but leaves a scar, You are one in a million but like a dead star. Lost in hope, Hope is lost, Nothing ever lasts. Patience leads results, Waiting for results needs patience, But who will deal with negligence. No one loves, Loves need no one, For me…

Chapter # 3

A room with landscapes view; Room No. 101 . The enterance was narrow. But it broadens after few steps into a wide and big room. First on your right you can see a big fish aquarium next to a long dining table with polished teakwood with silverware on it. On your left is a changing…

London on the move.. still exploring

London famous tube “Mind the gap” tag line to be reassuring always. London bridge name is enough London bridge in different perspective London parliament, Ben and the busy Westminster The famous shard of London London eye as seen by me Please like or share your comments if you want to

Wish you a very happy First birthday – remembering my niece 

Today is a very special day, Yes my precious..In every way… You came into our life and made it more special than ever, Today is the day, we will cherish forever… My sweet and cheeky baby girl, So pure and beautiful as a sea pearl.. Today you turn one, your blissful life has just begun…..

The old man

 Criss cross lines on his face showed the age and experience,  We judge and he didn’t that is the difference. His blue eyes as deep as a sea, Could see what we cannot see. When he raised his hand, Was to bless someone on the land. We judged him again and again, But we soon…