My take on snow in London

A lonely walk you have to carry out alone to reach to your destination Like it share it tag it my photography

Apple pastry roses

Made apple pastry roses for my little ones..What say?? Wanna join for tea….?

London on the move.. still exploring

London famous tube “Mind the gap” tag line to be reassuring always. London bridge name is enough London bridge in different perspective London parliament, Ben and the busy Westminster The famous shard of London London eye as seen by me Please like or share your comments if you want to

Diwali with my dad

A beautiful festival of india celebrated by all religions in their own way. With everyone’s own story to share. But I have a different perspective on this.. For me it’s a feeling of happiness or beginning of joyful times with festive touch in the air. As Diwali is followed by many festival till new year…

Nature’s Inspirations

It’s all around us just we have to find our way.. Let see… how? Be like sun, It never forgets to shine on everyone. Be like water, It continue to move on, though at times it may totter. Be like air, It takes everything in its stride; it dare. Be like soil, It nurture every…

Loch Ness a story untold

A beautiful location to be seen not told.. Pls see pics taken by me share your views and comments

Stonehenge a story untold

As a kid I was always fascinated by our and world history I came across in the books and on the internet. One of many fascinating places I always wanted to visit was “Stonehenge”!! I recently got a chance to visit it. I was thrilled. The moment we made plans my thoughts were filled with…