Diwali with my dad


A beautiful festival of india celebrated by all religions in their own way. With everyone’s own story to share.
But I have a different perspective on this.. For me it’s a feeling of happiness or beginning of joyful times with festive touch in the air. As Diwali is followed by many festival till new year so really enjoy it.

My memories are associated with how my parents enjoyed it and try to make it special each year. My mom and us kids would help her to spring clean the home few months in advance, would decorate or even redecorate the home or furnishing or bring something new and special to our home. It’s was like Christmas Day spirit already started..

My dad would make sure every corner of our home specially the living rooms and entrance with flowers, decorations you name it..
Would ask mom to make new and different cuisine or something special with exciting sweet dish for kids and family.
We would be showered with gifts which we always wanted and yes new clothes for everyone. We burst crackers after puja path at home and go to Gurudawara (temple) to light candles and pray.

(Though we stopped bursting crackers soon as we grew and came to understand the hazards it created in terms of pollution of all kinds.)

Then we used to have a grand feast all vegetarian only..!! And hopped to bed feeling tired and exhausted.

Waiting for christmas and new year to come!! Miss u dad…stay blessed where ever you are…!!

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