Ramu the farmer chapter 1

In a village named Villaspur, a farmer named Ramu lived. He lived in a small hut with his wife, Anita, and two kids Suraj aged 20 yrs (his elder son) and Radha 16 yrs (his lovely daughter).

They didn’t had much facilities or amenities like children’s in town. But we’re still content with the life they had. Ramu spend his day in fields and his Anita used to takecare of house and kids. They had a cow named gori.

They couldn’t afford much but Ramu made a point that both of his children’s get education. He wanted his children to have higher education. So he decided to send them to college in town.

He spoke with a friend named Shyam living in town about it and he happily agreed to takecare of Suraj and Radha.

Anita didn’t wanted Radha to go to town as she was scared to send her off at such tender age but Suraj convinced his mother that he will takecare of her.

So the next day they set off to the town with lots of hope, hesitations and ambitions.

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