A trip – Eiffel Tower Paris

We went out on a holiday to France,
I feel in love with Eiffel Tower in first glance.

It seems like a romantic affair,
As love is in the air.

It is not just a metallic tower,
We do fall in love; it has that power!!

It’s like a crown on a king’s head,
A perfect location to propose or wed.

An iconic structure standing tall and proud,
A great impression of strength and beauty to the crowd.

Dazzled in night like stars in the sky,
On the top; you want to fly.

It seems like we struck gold,
A pleasure full experience to cherish and hold.

A heaven on earth as I see,
To which you all may agree.

A structure made of puddled iron and hardwork,
But it is so creative it seems like an artwork.

Many visitors come, go and visit again,
Just hop on a boat, plane or train.

Many replicas have been made,
But it’s an achievement that puts rest in shade.

Not without a deep sigh,
Till we meet again, goodbye!!

# pic from google source.

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