I wondered…

Waking up in morning
Wondering that I might have a nice day today!!

Going to office
Wondering what I have achieved?

Waiting for a vacation
Wondering that might cheer me up!!

Looking forward to marriage
Wondering that will make me feel complete

Planned to have a child
Wondering that I might be a good parent or not!!

Looking in the sky to find God
Wondering if He is up their?

All my life I wondered
Thinking about things that don’t matter that much?

I found the answers
wonders lies within and not outside!!

But my thoughts and thinking did the blunder;
It’s not my destiny which has made me wondered…

From now on I’am the in-charge of myself
No more wondering just in peace with thy self

Leading to happiness and contentment,
All Wondering are in complete settlement of sentiments. 🙂

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